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A luxurious oil packed with the exquisite taste of spiny lobster. Elevate your cooking with this oil and you'll be sure to wow your family and friends. The scent of spiny lobster spreads softly, and just a few drops add depth to the flavor. It tastes amazing when used in pasta, salads, and sushi. Why not enjoy the deliciousness of spiny lobster oil and make delicious dishes easily at home?

The contents are 110g, and the spiny lobster is grilled to give it even more aroma. Mie Selection 2020 Award Winner

Our Story
"When I was participating in an exhibition with spiny lobster products and powder, etc., I had many opportunities to meet the same manufacturers at booths in Mie Prefecture, so I became friends with them and learned about their own raw materials and the technology of that manufacturer. We thought it would be interesting to use it, so we provided the raw materials and that was the beginning of the cup.

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It was founded in 1919 as a long-established store that has continued to convey the taste of Toba. Chinkaido continues to deliver the flavors of the sea, including spiny lobster, to our customers here in Toba. With over 100 years of history, we have been providing the taste of Toba to customers all over the country and around the world for many years. Ise lobsters, which are a gift from Ise-san, undergo Chinkaido's own strict quality control so that they can be eaten in their freshest state, and are shipped in the best condition in terms of taste, color, and shape.

Ise lobster becomes very delicious between October and April. During this period, they consume large amounts of food in preparation for breeding, so their bodies are large and packed. Our company manufactures and sells many products that use spiny lobster because we want people to enjoy the taste and flavor of seasonal spiny lobster all year round. We will continue to work hard every day so that everyone will say, ``When you think of spiny lobster products, you think of Chinkaido.''"

"【Preservation method】
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature or in a cool, dark place.
【Expiration date】
365 days
【Internal capacity】

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