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Towel delicately woven with cherry blossoms pattern using yarns of different thickness for each color.

Imabari's Sakura Monori Towel with beautiful cherry blossoms in Jacquard weave.
Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) has been loved by the Japanese since ancient times as a flower that holds special feelings for them. This towel gift set is a gift that can help to convey the spirit of harmony and gratitude.
The delicate colors and patterned weave, which represent the humble cherry blossom, and the wooden box make this a gift with a luxurious feel. The use of domestically spun and twisted yarn makes it both soft to the touch and firm and absorbent, making it an extraordinary product.
The Imabari towel, produced only in Imabari, is delicately woven with cherry blossoms, which are deeply rooted in the hearts of the Japanese people, using jacquard weaving. Since ancient times, no other flower has been more deeply rooted in the hearts of the Japanese people than cherry blossoms. In Japan since the Heian period (794-1185), cherry blossoms have become a synonym for the word ""Hana”(flower). Cherry blossoms have been loved in Japan for such a long time. Cherry blossoms, in the language of flowers, evoke a sense of ""beauty of the heart”. The sight of many small flowers gathered together and colored in a faint gradation of pale pink is a sight that touches the hearts of people all over the world. Towels decorated with such an image of cherry blossoms are products that have been loved by consumers for a long time, just like cherry blossoms.

Imabari is a historic town with a reputation for history and culture. In addition to its weaving techniques dating back to the Nara Period, the town is also home to the Soja River, which is as famous as the Kamo River in Kyoto and the Sai River in Kanazawa.
Water absorbency is the most significant characteristic of Imabari towels. Imabari towels have a strict quality standard that requires the towel to be able to absorb water completely within 5 seconds. In addition, in order for our customers to enjoy the gentle softness that cotton inherently possesses, we carefully select and use high-quality cotton based on its intended use and purpose. We believe that towels that absorb water well and leave a dry feeling after use and are truly ""pleasant to use"" are the ones that enrich your daily life. In our more than 100 years of history, we have accumulated a great deal of know-how. From material selection to weaving, dyeing, and post-processing, we are a complete production center where outstanding craftsmanship works in close cooperation with each other, making it possible to create new products that cannot be imitated.
In order to ensure the quality of Imabari towels, the Shikoku Towel Manufacturers' Association does not allow the use of its brand mark and logo unless the product has passed strict certification standards. In 2006, ""Imabari Towel"" was certified in the ""JAPAN Brand Development Support Project"", and has taken the first step toward becoming a brand that provides truly valuable products to the world.

Set includes 1 bath towel 1 face towel in a wooden box


Bath towel approx. 60cm x 110cm
Face towel approx. 34cmx75cm


100% cotton

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