KAMEDA Seika Japanese SnackCrisps Kakipi Kakinotane Rice Cracker Assortment Box

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Kameda Seika  Osaka JAPAN LIMTED Okashi Dagashi Set !
- Japan Exclusive Set (Worth more 120USD!!)-

This is a set of 12 snacks from Kameda Seika, available only in Japan. Please hurry as sales will end as soon as stock runs out!

150g Kameda Kaki no Tane - Peanuts only (6 bags)
90g Zaku Zaku Black Pepper, 70g Dori no Edamame, 70g Dori no Edamame
70g Dori no Edamame
70g Dori no Yaki-ebi (Grilled Shrimp)
83g Mugen Shrimp
180g Hard-boiled, 120g Technique no Kodawari, 120g Kogi no Kodawari
120g Technique no Kodawari
110g Technique no Kodawari Umashiri Togarashi (spicy hot pepper paste)
120g Tsumami-no-Tane, 190g Kameda's Kaki-no-Tane 6 bags
190g Kaki-no-tane (persimmon seeds), 6 bags
18 pieces Kameda's Curry Sen
19 pieces Bukotsu

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