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A luxurious local delicacy not easily available even in Japan! Enjoyed by people of all ages, transcending generations. Perfect for lunch, or when you are just a little hungry, or even as a late-night snack. Another advantage is that it can be stored at room temperature. Just mix the rice and ingredients, and it will be ready in five minutes! This easy and convenient mixed rice dish is suitable for both the elderly and growing children.

We use fresh bonito caught in Mie Prefecture and add mekabu, which is rich in the aroma of the sea. The soup stock is made from kelp and dried bonito flakes, and no preservatives are used.

Our Story
Believing in the superior quality of Mie's bonito, a region renowned for its seafood, we were eager to introduce this product to our assortment. The creator has a particular fondness for bonito cubes. We firmly hold that bonito shines as an ingredient, be it consumed raw, stewed, or especially as a key component in dashi (soup stock).

Company Profile: Maruai Corporation, situated at 90-2 Kenjin-cho, Toba City, Mie Prefecture, stands as a premier manufacturer and wholesaler of processed marine delicacies. Based in Toba City, our company proudly manufactures and retails items such as dried fish, dried seafood, and furikake (condiments) from our own facility. Our core philosophy emphasizes the production of ""safe and dependable products"", especially focusing on natural and regional ingredients from Toba.

Business Description: We cater to our business partners by delivering insights into market demands, gathered from thorough marketing and direct observations, as well as crucial information from our tight-knit coordination with other manufacturers, and a diverse array of self-sourced news and trends. This vital data underpins our product development and sales endeavors. Beyond prepackaged goods, our offering spans rice crackers, dried foods, tsukudani (foods simmered in soy sauce), seafood products, noodles, and a vast array more. For an in-depth overview, kindly explore our official website.

Contents: 1 serving (100g dried white rice and 115g rice base) Ingredients: [Dried white rice] Glutinous rice (domestic) [Rice base] Bonito (domestic), mekabu (domestic), soy sauce, mirin, soup stock (bonito flakes and kombu), salt, (partially contains wheat and soy) After heating in the microwave, steam for about a minute before enjoying. JAN: 4996628007452 Best before date: 180 days from production

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