Kamoi Paper Washi MT Masking Tape Adhesive Tape 10 color set 15mm x 7m Japan

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A popular brand of masking tape, mt, a set of 10 colors in standard colors can be used for wrapping, arranging, and many other purposes!

This is a set of 10 colors of standard colors of Kamoi Kakoshi's mt brand masking tape 15mm x 7m, famous for its masking tapes.
All 10 are plain and available in bright pastel colors.
Masking tape is very convenient because it can be easily torn off by hand without using scissors and can be easily applied and removed.

This set of masking tapes comes in a box, making it a perfect gift.

~Usage Example~

  • For wrapping and decorating gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc.
  • For decorating and arranging stationery, notebooks, etc.
  • For storage and organization in the kitchen and living room
  • For decorating and arranging photo albums and scrapbooking
  • Instead of various labels
  • For handmade picks
  • For plastic modeling, DIY, etc.

    And the uses are endless!

Kamoi Pepar Washi MT Masking Tape Adhesive Tape 10 color set 15mm x 7m Product Information

Materials Washi, paper
Product quantity 10 pcs.
Masking tape size, weight (per piece) 15mm x 7m, 7g
Color (type) 10 colors (full set of pastel bright basic colors)

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