Kanji-Inscribed Button Badges 3-Piece Set (Japan & Omi-Hachiman Talisman) - feel NIPPON STORE

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Set: Japanese Folktales Set
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These button badges can be displayed as a collection, attached to bags or hats, or worn on clothes. Various charming aspects of Japan are condensed within these small badges. The stamp-like Kanji characters add a unique touch.


Dimensions: Diameter 44 mm, back side / safety pin, glossy finish.

Our Story

Hikifuda, traditional Japanese playing cards, were prominent advertising tools during the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras. Many of these cards from that time remain in Omihachiman, considered the cradle of the Japanese mercantile industry. Their designs span a wide range, from retro allure and surrealistic depictions to surprisingly contemporary motifs due to their striking visuals.

This product, radiating a profound sense of Japanese identity, is available in four distinct sets, each containing three cards.


If you attach it to a bag, there will be a hole in the material.

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