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”WAZARA” is Japanese tableware made of resin using master molding technology.

”KICHI” is a brand that was created to add colors to your lifestyle, born from traditional Japanese design and modern technology.

We offer items that make your daily life feel like a "lucky day" by incorporating them into your daily life, not to mention "happy days" where smiles gather.

The first product of KICHI is "WAZARA" Japanese tableware.
The surface of the decoration is sealed by insert molding after in-molding with transfer foils based on the motif of Akoya shells from Ise-Shima.
This is Japanese tableware made of resin that is carefully crafted one by one with human hands and time.
We call these plates "modern crafts" with a sense of pride.

There are three different designs.
The "Snow, Moon, and Flowers" symbolizes the beauty of the four seasons, which have been cherished since the Heian period. It is expressed in a traditional and auspicious checkered pattern.

<Feature 1>
Beauty and a sense of luxury overturn the image of plastic products.

Since our founding, we have always placed importance on quality rather than price competition.

We are engaged in the manufacture of precision instruments and cosmetic containers, and it is because of our unique technological capabilities cultivated since the end of World War II and our unstoppable spirit of challenge that we can create unique products that overturn the image of plastic products as "cheap and mass-produced".
It is a fine product produced with the skills of craftsmen.

<Feature 2>
The design will not peel off and will remain beautiful for a long time.

Using the "insert in-mold molding" technology, the design is sealed in the resin by molding in two stages, so the design will not peel off and will remain beautiful for a long time.

<Feature 3>
Light and unbreakable for safety and peace of mind.

Japanese tableware is usually made of ceramic or glass, but by using resin, we have reduced the risk of breakage and the burden of lifting.
This makes it possible to use high-class Japanese tableware with peace of mind and store them on high shelves with ease.
It can be used by a wide range of people, from small children to the elderly.

<Feature 4>
Great for outdoor use

Because it is light and unbreakable, you can easily carry it in your bag. It is also great for picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities.
The luxurious feel of the product blends in well with the beautiful scenery and makes your photos look great.
It is also environmentally friendly because it can be used over and over again.

The beautiful packaging is inspired by furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloths).

The package is designed with the kanji character "Snow [yuki], Moon [tsuki] , and Flowers [hana]" with the image of a furoshiki. Each piece will be carefully wrapped and delivered.
It is also a great gift idea.

【KICHI WAZARA Japanese Traditional Tableware Plastic Plate specification】

Material PC, ABS
Dimension W170 x D170x H11mm
Weight Approx.158g
Heat-resistant temperature 80 degrees Celsius
Cold-resistant temperature -10 degrees Celsius

Made in Japan

※Cannot be used in microwave/ oven.
※Dishwasher safe.

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