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This children’s stationery set for young ages is focused on making things.


Debika Toolbox:
This tool box is made of paper and fits A4-sized tools easily, making it perfect for keeping things organized.
Outer dimensions: W 230 x D 330 x H 60 mm Inner dimensions: W 215 x D 312 x H 56 mm

Kokuyo Beginner's Scissors:
Perfect as a first pair of scissors. These round-tip scissors are made of safe plastic. The micro-serrated blade prevents the paper from slipping off and the plastic blade cuts well. The included exercise sheet and practice paper will help the user to learn how to use the scissors and practice cutting.
Total length: 121 x 60 mm (width) x 50 mm (blade length)

Showa Note Educational 45-Color Origami Set:
The 210 sheets of 15 cm x 15 cm origami paper offer many hours of playtime.

Sakura Craypas Kimaru Nendo Clay:
Lightweight paper clay. It does not drop easily, so it can be firmly formed into the shape you want to create. It stretches well, is smooth to the touch, and has elasticity even when dry, so it is hard to break. The clay sticks well to itself and to the core material. The product can be colored by painting it or mixing it with the included "Peta Peta Oekaki". A storage bag is included for storing leftover clay.
Product size: W 220 x D 110 x H 28 mm (104 g)

Sakura Craypas Matte Watercolor Multi 12 Colors:
You can paint not only on paper , but also on PET bottles, milk cartons, and many other materials.

Sakura Craypas Painting Brush No. 14:
This paintbrush holds paint well and the tip of the brush has a uniform shape.

Fueki Glue:
Made with eco-friendly natural starch glue. (Corn starch)

Sakura Craypas Kimaru Nendo Clay - How to use:
(1) Open the bag, take only what you will use, and put away what you will not use in the storage bag.
(2) Create anything you want to make!
(3) When you are done, let your piece dry to complete the process.

Our Story

This stationery set, designed with a focus on "creation" for young children, offers environmentally-friendly starch glue, safety-first scissors with resin blades that are effective at cutting paper, and a generous 210 sheets of foldable paper to ensure boundless creativity. The set also features paper clay that adheres well without dripping, allowing users to mold any desired shape. The accompanying paints work on a range of materials, not just clay, expanding the realm of creativity. This kit has been curated to boost children's imaginative capacities while ensuring safety.
[Kokuyo First Scissors Review] I purchased these scissors for my child to practice cutting. They safely cut only paper and have a comfortable grip. Initially, my 2-year-old found them a bit challenging to open and close.
[Sakura Kurepasu Kimaru Nendo Review] The clay maintains its shape impressively over time. It's elastic and enjoyable to work with, even tempting adults to play.
[Sakura Kurepasu Matt Watercolor Multi 12 Colors Review] These can be used on various surfaces beyond paper, like plastic bottles. The caps are attached, eliminating the concern of misplacing them. Impressively, if any of the colors get onto clothing, they're relatively easier to clean than other paint products.
[Sakura Kurepasu No. 14 Paintbrush Review] This brush has a nice flexibility and consistency, making it a joy to paint with. It also cleans easily when switching colors.
[Fueki Glue Review] The packaging is adorable. Its natural starch composition ensures safety, and the lid is hassle-free to remove.


It is made of safe ingredients, but it is not food. Please have a parent accompany the child when playing with it to avoid letting them put it into their mouth.
[Sakura Cray-Pas Kimaru Cly] After opening, please put any leftover clay in a storage bag and use it as soon as possible.

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