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This children’s stationery set for young ages is focused on writing.


Debika Tool Box:
This paper-made tool box can easily hold A4-size items and is perfect for keeping things organized.

Outer dimensions: W 230 x D 330 x H 60 mm Inner dimensions: W 215 x D 312 x H 56 mm

Kokuyo Self-study Notebook/Free-use Notebook:
The paper surface is designed to make it easy to write on with a pencil and to erase with an eraser. The cover has a scratch-resistant and stain-resistant surface finish. The self-study notebook has a 5 mm square grid and is ideal for practicing handwriting neatly. The free-use notebook is plain, allowing students to freely write letters and draw pictures.
Size: W 179 mm x H 252 mm

Tombow Triangular Shaft Pencils:
The surface of the pencil is coated with a slip-proof coating, and the pencil comes with a guide on how to hold it, so that children can develop the habit of holding it in a way that makes writing easier and less tiring. The lead hardness is 2B, so even children with weak writing strength will be able to produce clear and sharp strokes.
12 pencils per box.

Tombow Pencil Eraser:
The eraser is specially made for dark pencils and erases easily with little pressure needed. Its protective cover is designed to prevent finger slippage and to make erasing easier.
Product size: W 40 x D 25 x H 13 mm

Tombow Connectable Caps:
Pencils can be joined together to prevent them from being separated. The square shape prevents pencils from rolling around on your desk.
Four pencils per pack.

Tombow Dual Pencil Sharpener:
It has a two-hole sharpening system, one for pencils (sharp tip) and the other for colored pencils (slightly rounded tip). The pencil sharpener has a simple structure, making it difficult to break and durable.

Kutsuwa Pencil Extender:
You can finish using a shortened pencil by using this pencil extender.

Nishikei Slapita A4 Desk Pad:
Desk pad made of a soft and hard laminated material with a different writing feel on the front and back sides. The harder side is smooth and rigid, so it does not have rebound, allowing you to write smoothly and fluidly. It is ideal for repeated writing practice. The rough soft side is made of a soft material and has elasticity, making it hard for the lead tip to slip and allowing you to write letters neatly.
Product size: H 250 x W 180 mm

Our Story

[Development Story] This stationery set is meticulously crafted to nurture the budding interest of children embarking on their writing journey. While subtle, we have incorporated handy things such as snag-resistant paper, pencils with grip-enhancing coatings, and erasers optimized for darker pencil marks, showing the typically Japanese attention to detail. By introducing children to premium Japanese stationery, we aim to foster a love for writing and cultivate their growth.
[Debyka Tool Box Review] This box efficiently holds an A4 clear file. Though paper-based, it's robust.
[Kyokutoh Self-study Notebook Review] Its grid design ensures neat lettering. The paper is of high quality, ideal for both writing and erasing.
[Tombo Pencil Review] The non-slip surface and triangular shape aid children in maintaining the correct grip. Despite its 2B grade, even our weaker-handed son finds it effortless. Its whimsical design and sweat-resistant coating make it a hit.
[Tombo Pencil Eraser Review] Effortlessly erases even dark marks and forms convenient shavings clumps.
[Tombo Pencil Sharpener Review] Distinct slots for black and colored pencils are a boon. It sharpens efficiently, but fills up rapidly.
[Tombo Pencil Caps Review] Adaptable for both hexagonal and triangular pencils, they prevent rolling. A drawback is the inability to connect more than three caps consecutively.
[Kutsuwa Auxiliary Axis Review] User-friendly and ideal for short pencils. However, extremely short pencils pose a sharpening challenge.
[Nishikei Underlay Review] Dual-sided firmness offers versatility. The soft side provides slip-free writing, while the harder side is prone to scratches. This stationery set prioritizes "drawing" for youngsters. Children can craft a plethora of colors by simply kneading and blending, fostering their color acuity. Suitable for all skill levels, it also sparks creativity. Parents and children alike can revel in its charm.


[Overall] There are sharp parts and small parts, so be careful not to get them in your eyes or mouth.
[Dragonfly Pencil W Sharpener] The pencil sharpener has a blade, so be careful not to insert your fingers into it.
[Kutsuwa Auxiliary Shaft] When using it with a triangular shaft pencil, it may be a little hard when you first insert the pencil.

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