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“Kimono Doll RiumⓇ” is a bottle hanger made using Japanese washi paper. It has been exhibited at the French Embassy and sold at the Japan Tours Festival in France. It is a bottle hanger featuring traditional washi paper dolls that has been well-received by both domestic and international customers. This is a washi paper doll bottle hanger that has been well-received by people both in Japan, where it is exhibited and sold in various prefectures and at the Shinjuku Marui Main Store, and also by people overseas. It is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your favorite beverages. It combines washi paper with local materials from Shiga Prefecture, including omi amafu textile.


This is a Kimono Doll Rium Meadowsweet bottle hanger made of Japanese washi paper and named after a small flower called meadowsweet. The doll part is about 8 cm in size. It is made of Omi linen from Shiga prefecture and fused with Japanese traditional culture Washi paper. The bottle hanger can be attached with magnets. You can use it not only for alcohol, but also for vases and other items to enhance their splendor. The wrapping is also decorated with folded cranes, a symbol of peace, using Japanese paper like the Noshi paper used for celebrations in Japan. The pattern and color of the washi paper is your choice.

Our Story

Kumi Hoshino was inspired to launch Kimono Doll RiumⓇ after acquiring a significant quantity of Japanese washi paper from the renowned origami company, Daiyo, which unfortunately went bankrupt. She was driven by a desire to invigorate Japan through the production of durable, water-resistant Japanese washi paper, thereby preserving this facet of our culture, and by promoting Omi linen, a symbol of the traditional culture of my hometown, Shiga Prefecture. Kimono Doll Rium has garnered attention in magazines and newspapers and has even found its way to France and the primary Marui store, where customers eagerly embrace them. She genuinely hopes that more individuals discover the beauty of Japanese washi paper and develop a fascination for Japan.


Do not grip or pull too hard. Use magnets to attach the ends of the belt part of the bottle hanger to each other. It will fit the bottle if you attach it in the shape of a cross rather than straight.

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