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Cleopatra's favorite silk.

Silk robe made in Japan

The production site is Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and the robe is made to order with a thickness of 18 monme by Yamaki Silk Weaving, which has a 90-year history since its establishment. The silk robe is dyed by Nozaki Dyeing Co. in Kyoto, which has been in business for 70 years. Both of these companies have been trusted by the world's maisons.

Kimonos were traditionally worn with an obi belt nearly two meters long and worn with modesty. The obi was thick and gorgeous. But times have changed. Now, women can remove the strong obi and flap their wings freely. The robe, a symbol of the new era, allows women to freely display their charm. Get rid of the old stereotypes and let yourself be free.


M size : Length 135cm / Body width 65cm / *Sleeve length 59cm
L size : Length 155cm / Body width 80cm / *Sleeve length 70cm
*Sleeve length : The length from the center of the back to the end of the sleeve.


100% silk made in Japan

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