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Hiyamugi is a popular dish in Aichi Prefecture’s local dried noodles, “Kintobi” noodles. The thin noodles have a pleasant, chewy texture and a satisfying mouthfeel. You can also enjoy its gentle texture when served as a warm noodle dish.


These Hiyamugi noodles are made with wheat flour blended specifically to be used for thin noodles, milled in-house, and salted water. Each bag contains 300 g of Hiyamugi noodles and is good for three servings. Cooking time is five minutes in a pot of boiling water.

Our Story

Our noodles are crafted from flour derived from a distinctive blend of wheat, processed at a facility exclusively dedicated to noodle flour. Our production follows a meticulous noodle-making process, drawing inspiration from the traditional hand-pounding udon noodle techniques prevalent in Nagoya. Since our inception, we've prioritized preserving the inherent flavor of the flour. Every kneading step is executed with precision, ensuring the retention of its aromatic essence. Kin Tobi Men places paramount importance on the selection of top-tier wheat for flour production. We take pride in grinding our distinct blend of wheat, transitioning from raw grains to refined flour, all the while emphasizing a pronounced aromatic quality. Our milling efforts include our very own Kinuakari wheat, which has received accolades in national wheat competitions. This wheat becomes the foundation for a plethora of Japanese noodles we produce, such as Somen, Hiyamugi, Udon, Kishimen, and Chukamen. Each noodle variant carries the enchanting aroma of locally sourced flour, embodying our endeavor to innovate and introduce new delicacies to the market. Our unique noodle-crafting approach owes much to the Nagoya hand-pounding tradition. Mirroring this age-old technique, we delicately and patiently mold the dough, resulting in noodles that boast a tender firmness coupled with the sweet scent of wheat. Our commitment to culinary excellence is evident in every step, from sourcing and milling to noodle production, all overseen at our HACCP-certified factory. This ensures that we deliver flavors guaranteed to captivate our customers.


Cook in a large pot of boiling water for 5 minutes.

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