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Nagoya’s specialty, kishimen noodles, made with a focus on domestic ingredients. We carefully grind Aichi Prefecture’s “kinuakari” wheat to create kishimen with a rich wheat flavor and delightfully chewy texture. The flat noodles perfectly complement broths and sauces, allowing you to enjoy unique kishimen variations.
・Selected for the 2015 Chubu Hometown Specialty Creation Support Project.
・Awarded the Silver Medal in the 2016 Monde Selection.
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(1) Kinuakari, Aichi Prefecture's domestically grown wheat that has received the highest score for three consecutive years in the quality evaluation of new domestic wheat varieties, is ground at our own flour mill to high-quality specifications with ash content values in the range of 0.28-0.32% to commercialize Kishimen, a local noodle from Aichi Prefecture, using local flour made of Aichi Prefecture's wheat.
(2)Kishimen dry noodles tend to stick to each other when they are boiled in a pot, leaving the noodles in a half-cooked state and giving them a powdery taste when eaten. In order to reduce the stickiness problem, we introduced the "Wave Cutting Method" (grooved dried noodles: registered patent number 3198915), in which the contact area is narrowed by making an uneven surface parallel to the long side of the noodle. This method allows overseas consumers who cook Kishimen for the first time and consumers outside of the Greater Nagoya area to cook Kishimen deliciously without boiling problems.
(3) In order to simulate the authentic Nagoya hand-pulled Kishimen noodles, we used noodles with two different widths (6.5 mm and 6.9 mm).

Our Story

[Adoption of the wave cutting method (grooved dried noodles: utility model registration No. 3198915)]
Story: We sell Kishimen (a kind of Japanese udon noodles) both domestically and internationally, and many of our customers, especially those from overseas, have never cooked Kishimen before. When the noodles are boiled in a pot, they stick together and leave a powdery residue at the contact point. This causes the noodle to be tough to cook and does not convey the original taste of Kishimen. We therefore developed the wave cutting method in order to allow Kishimen beginners to enjoy the authentic taste of Kishimen. We devised the Wave Cut method and registered a utility model on July 8, 2015. The reason for the sticking together lies in the fact that the starch dissolved from the surface of the noodles acts as an adhesive when they are beginning to boil, and the flat shape of the noodles also increases the probability of them sticking together. Therefore, by narrowing the range of contact between the noodles by adding uneven surfaces parallel to the long sides of the noodle, contact can be made point to point rather than surface to surface, thereby reducing sticking.


If you boil the noodles for a short time or use less water, the salt may remain in the noodles and make them taste salty. When boiled properly, the equivalent amount of salt per 100g of dried noodles will be reduced from 5g to 0.5g.
[Cooking method]
(1) Boil at least 5 liters of water for 250g of kishimen in a large pot, then add the noodles little by little, separating them as you do so, and stir immediately with chopsticks.
(2) When the noodles start to float, adjust the heat and let it boil gently to prevent the water from boiling over.
(3) After boiling for 8 minutes, wash the noodles with cold water. Once the sliminess has been washed off the noodles, place them in a colander and enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce.

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