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Make konjac into sweets!

"It is a sweet-style konjac that is low in calories because it is made with konjac.
【raw materials】
[Konnyaku] Konnyaku potato flour (domestic) / Calcium hydroxide (coagulant for konnyaku)
[Soybean flour] Soybeans (produced in China: not genetically modified), sugar, salt (some of the raw materials include soybeans)
[Okinawa brown sugar syrup] Black sugar syrup (produced in Okinawa) [Producer/Manufacturer] 238-0052 Morisada Shoten 6-18 Sano-cho, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
【set content】
Kuzumochi-style konnyaku (konnyaku 170g, soybean flour 10g, Okinawa brown sugar honey 25g) x 6

[Allergy] Soybean

[How to eat/use]
(Kuzumochi-style konnyaku) After opening, quickly wash with water, wipe off moisture, cut into desired size, and enjoy with your favorite soybean flour and Okinawa brown sugar honey. (Shiratama-style konnyaku) After opening the package in a colander, quickly wash it with water, wipe off the moisture, and sprinkle with the included mitsu (miraculous syrup) if you like.

Our Story
Konjac potato flour, the raw material for konnyaku, is manufactured using carefully selected domestic ingredients (produced in Gunma Prefecture) to deliver safe, secure, and high-quality ingredients to everyone. We wanted to make konjac easily accessible to a wide range of generations, so we created a product that can be eaten like a sweet.

"[Best before date] 60 days
[How to save] Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible. Please do not freeze.
●After opening, please consume as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.
●There may be milky white linear lumps inside the product bag, but this is a fibrous lump of konnyaku, so there is no problem with the quality.
●There may be some blackish brown particles in the konjac, but this does not affect the quality as it is derived from konjac potatoes."

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