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Japan’s first tatami border product specialized for komon (small prints). This project combines a denim border with a hemp leaf komon pattern (available in five colors) to create products suitable for both traditional Japanese wear and casual everyday use, attracting attention from customers in Japan and abroad. We sell a set of three of the most popular items: a bag, a mini clutch purse, and a wallet.


Materials: polyethylene, polypropylene, high-quality Fuji Kinbai canvas, cotton denim edge, YKK Metallion zipper pouch bag with mini leather clasp

L: 15 cm W: 27 cm H: 20 cm Wallet: L: 10 cm H: 19 cm Mini purse: L: 1 cm W: 6 cm H: 4.5 cm

Media coverage:
- January 2020 Business contest, Excellence Award, published in the Shimono Shimbun. Radio station, Tochigi Television Broadcasting Co.
- In September 2022, the Japanese garden and Karesansui (Japanese dry garden) experience was featured in the Shimono Shimbun in recognition of its efforts to promote manufacturing, tourism, and urban revitalization
- In 2022, the Japan Economic Group and the Japan Industrial News published a series of articles on the Kuzen Monozukuri tradition and culture and the SDGs in their company introductions
- In 2023, the company was featured in the January issue of the national edition of the business magazine Century
- In May 2019, the company exhibited at the 1st Shibuya Hikarie crafts exhibition
- In August 2022, the company was certified by Tochigi Prefecture as an SDG registered company
- In January 2022, exhibited and sold products at the Imperial Hotel's New Year's event in the Orchid Room and held a Karesansui experience
- In July 2022, exhibited at the Japan Expo-NFT art, a Japanese festival held in France
- In September 2022, exhibited at the 94th International Gift Show at Tokyo Big Sight
- In September 2022, exhibited at Takashimaya Department Store, Tachikawa 3F
- In October 2022, exhibited at Tokyu Department Store in Shibuya, B1
- In January 2023, exhibited at Nihonbashi Maruzen, the year-end and New Year's special exhibition
- In February 2023, exhibited at Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall 4, organized by the Japan Management Association
- In February 2023, the company signed a contract with Rich Design Japan Co., Ltd. to sell its products through EC sites in 34 countries, mainly in Europe and the U.S.
- At the end of March 2023, the company sold products at ASOBI stores in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - In April 2023, the company exhibited at New York Premier NET
- In summer 2023, the company collaborated with Tezuka Productions Co. Participation in Black Jack 50th Anniversary Project

Our Story

The revered Japanese craft of tatami edge-making has been preserved for 1300 years... However, as time has passed, the allure of tatami mats and their edging has waned across Japan, leaving the industry facing challenges. At Kuzen, we passionately aspire for the younger generation to rediscover the appeal of tatami mats for their homes, thereby safeguarding this ancient Japanese craft. Among the 29 patterns with roots in antiquity, as documented in Japan's eldest literary work, the Kojiki, we have handpicked four motifs: "ma no ha (hemp leaf)," "ichimatsu (checkered pattern)," "shippo (cloisonne)," and "seigaiha (blue sea wave)." Each carries deep cultural significance and auspicious connotations. We're expanding our product range with items that enrich modern lives while staying true to tradition. We invite you to explore our resilient, practical, and aesthetically pleasing tatami edge products. Your interest is greatly appreciated.


- Please avoid ironing and washing.
- After use, please store it in a well-ventilated place.
- If there is any dirt, please remove it by dabbing it with water using a wet towel.
- Please do not place it near sources of fire.

For Sales Representatives, Retailers, and Distributors:

We welcome inquiries about our products from retailers, distributors, and wholesalers around the world. While j-Grab Mall is Japan's No. 1 B2C cross-border e-commerce platform, many Japanese-made products are also available for B2B transactions. If you provide us with details such as the quantity you are interested in purchasing and conditions, we can provide you with a quotation.

To all Sales Representatives, Retailers, and Distributors, please feel free to request sample products from us and experience the quality of Japanese-made products firsthand! At j-Grab Mall, our dedicated staff can handle B2B negotiation and communication on your behalf.

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