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The highest-quality canvas, Fuji Kinbai, is used for the traditional Japanese tatami border. This is a completely original product with one character of your choice written in calligraphy by Yuriko Matsuo. Tatami borders are also a part of Japan’s cultural heritage and evoke the 1,300-year history of Japanese tradition. This one-of-a-kind item combines delicate komon-patterned tatami borders with innovative and bold brush calligraphy. You can enjoy using the product in various ways in your professional and personal lives.


polyethylene, polypropylene,
High quality Fuji Kinbai canvas, cotton
Denim hem, YKK metallion zipper
Pouch bag (Mini pouch leather used)
L: 15cm
W: 27cm
H: 20cm
L: 10cm
H: 19cm
Mini pouch
L: 1cm
w: 6cm
H: 4.5cm

Our Story

We're proud to introduce Japan's first fusion of bag design and calligraphy. This product is poised to captivate audiences both locally and internationally, merging the essence of Japanese harmony with the art of calligraphy. This unique creation sprouted from our partnership with calligrapher Yuriko Matsuo. Having showcased her talents on prestigious stages, including New York's Carnegie Hall, as well as in Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, France, and Florence, Italy, Yuriko Matsuo remains a force in the world of calligraphy. Currently, her work is drawing increased attention, thanks in part to the visibility of Japan's national baseball and volleyball teams, known as Samurai Japan and Dragon God Japan respectively.


- Please avoid ironing and washing.
- After use, please store it in a well-ventilated place.
- If there is any dirt, please remove it by dabbing it with water using a wet towel.
- Please do not place it near sources of fire.

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