Sanomasa Kujira Butter Dish Case Brass Japan - Takaoka city

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A humorous design depicting a 200g piece of butter being swallowed whole by a whale. The entire manufacturing process, including prototyping, casting, polishing, and painting, is done in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. The whale's eyes are also hand-crafted by artisans, and the contours are carefully carved one at a time with precision machines. As this product is made of aluminum, it has the following advantages: it conducts heat well, cools easily, does not break easily even if dropped, and can be repainted, making for a long-lasting product for use in daily life. The 10g scale is convenient for cooking and baking. The spout, which is made of brass, is carefully processed with a mirror finish to make the lid easy to hold

Our Story

Sanomasa Seisakusho Ltd. was founded in 1976 as a manufacturer of cast products in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture has been producing cast products for over 400 years, including bronze statues, Buddhist altar fittings, and interior decorations. The industry is characterized by a strong culture of ""division of labor,"" in which different steps in the manufacturing process is divided among manufactories, with many factories and workshops cooperating with each other to complete a single product. We use the processing technologies we have acquired through this system and our accumulated expertise to manufacture products that answer our customers' needs.

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