Horiuchi Mirror Maki-e Compact Make-up Beauty Mirror Traditional Design Japan

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Pattern: Namiurafuji
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The HORIUCHI MIRROR is a mirror patented in Japan that reflects the true image of the skin by combining highly transparent glass, which removes more of the iron that causes dullness, and reflective metal, which has high color reproducibility.

This mirror is popular among professionals in the beauty industry, as it clearly reflects the color of your skin, allowing you to find the right foundation color for you and greatly improving the finish of your makeup.

Maki-e Mirror
It is a mirror decorated with “Maki-e”, a traditional Japanese craft.
Maki-e is a typical lacquerware technique developed in Japan and has been practiced for about 1,200 years.

A thin brush is used to paint a picture on the surface of a vessel with lacquer, and while the lacquer is still hardening, gold powder is sprinkled on top to create a pattern. The word ""maki-e"" means to make a picture by sprinkling.

This compact mirror is a set of an equal magnification mirror and a 3x magnifying mirror with maki-e patterns. The 3x magnifying mirror is a model with a curvature of 600r, provides a large view of details and is ideal for caring for your skin, such as keratin plugs, blemishes, and wrinkles. This product is a fusion of traditional Japanese craft and makeup mirror.

Dimension: 7.8 x 12.5 x 1cm; Weight: approx. 110g

Material: ABS Resin, Glass Mirror - Made in Japan


7.8 x 12.5 x 1cm
Weight: approx. 110g


ABS Resin, Glass Mirror

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