man-gata Magic Water Water Brush Pen Set Turns cosmetics into paints 14ml/100ml

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Magic Water Size: 14ml
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This is set consists of a water brush pen and a magic water that turns cosmetics into paints.

We are happy to hear that our customers want to try magic water as soon as they get it, so it would be nice if there is a set with a brush.
※ This is not a SminkArt kit, so the case and other equipment are not included.

Magic Water is a dilution solution for turning cosmetics into paint.

You can choose either 14ml or 100ml of magic water.
In response to requests from customers who want to turn more cosmetics into paints, we have prepared a large 100ml size (about 7 times the volume of 14ml).

The features of "magic water" are as follows.

・Powdered cosmetics such as eyeshadow and blush can be converted into paints.
・The formula was developed by our company.
・The product is made up of only cosmetic-grade ingredients, so there is little risk of it sticking to the skin.
・It does not contain any industrial ingredients such as acrylic paints.
・When cosmetics are converted into paints using this product, they can be given superior characteristics such as quick-drying properties compared to general watercolors.
・The shelf life of this product in a cool, dark place is three years from the date of purchase.
※ The shelf life of this product is 3 years from the date of purchase in a cool and dark place.

The magic water is sealed inside the water brush pen and can be used as paint by placing the brush tip directly on an eyeshadow palette, etc., and dissolving the cosmetics with the liquid inside.
You can quickly and easily use cosmetics as paints without having to use a kit to make a paste.

【How to use】


Water brush pen PE,PP,Nylon
Magic water container PP
Magic water (solution that turns cosmetics into paint) Ingredients not disclosed because of patent pending


14ml 4cm×18cm×2cm
100ml 7cm×18cm×5cm


14ml : 4cm×18cm×2cm
100ml : 7cm×18cm×5cm


・Water brush pen: PE,PP,Nylon
・Magic water container: PP
・Magic water (solution that turns cosmetics into paint) : Ingredients not disclosed because of patent pending

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