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The name of the shop is "pao in chou". It is a word coined from the Thai word เป่า ยิ้ง ฉุบ (pao in chup).

Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, is a game of rock-paper-scissors, where the "technician" struggles against the "technician," the "technician" struggles against the "kneeler," and the "kneeler" struggles against the "puncher.

It all started when the president of plump, a fashion company, took up kickboxing as a hobby and wanted to propose more fashionable sports clothing.

Another important point is that we want our products to be used not only by top athletes, but also by people who don't usually exercise much. We also produce kickboxing pants and knit hats, but this time we are proposing a sports mask called "PAO GUARD.

It has a double-layered mouth that can be opened and closed, rehydrates, and keeps your glasses from fogging up. The size can be adjusted with buttons and strings, so anyone can wear it. Please try it out for walking, shopping, yoga or jogging.

(1) The cloth mask is double-layered and can be opened and closed.
(2) Your exhaled air goes downward, so your glasses do not fog up.
(3) You can rehydrate while wearing the mask.
(4) The mask has 4 buttons on each side and ear strap adjusters, so it can be worn by elementary school children and adults

Made in JAPAN


Free Size


Polyester 100%

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