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This cloche hat combines a modern Japanese printed fabric with an off-white linen material and features a motif inspired by the streets of Kyoto. A cloche is a simple hat with a slightly downward facing brim.
The brim is approximately 7 cm long and can be worn as-is, or with the tip slightly folded back. The light color and brim length make it easy to use in any outfit.
It also has UV protection and can be hand washed and cared for at home. The Matjeplus hemp cloche series is quite popular, with over 100 pieces sold annually, and we are releasing the Kyoto cityscape model as a new product for 2023.


A textile fabric made by artisans in Kyoto using a hand printing technique are at the core of the design. The cotton linen fabric airily depicts the grid-like streets of Kyoto, with elegant horizontal and vertical designs in a summery white and green. The side crown is finished with a wispy touch, creating a soft shade that is quite fashionable. This item looks cool and is lightweight, so it is recommended for outings during hot weather.

The Matjeplus hemp cloche has three main features: (1) it can be hand-washed at home, (2) it folds up easily, and (3) it is available in a variety of sizes and can be adjusted on the inside.
You can wash it by hand at home, letting you care for it and wear it comfortably at any time. It can also be folded up quickly to stow in a bag when you need to take off your hat in public, then opened up again when you go outside. This makes it a handy item to take with you when traveling.
Women's head sizes change slightly depending on their hairstyle and ambient humidity. The size of the hat can also be easily fine-tuned, such as if you want to wear it tighter on windy days or more loosely for easy removal. The size adjuster is on the inside of the hat, so it does not detract from the overall design and appearance.
A UV-blocking inner material with a shading rate of 83% is used inside the brim for sun protection.

Our Story

Hats get dirty, especially summer hats, because of our perspiration. Cotton hats that can be easily tossed in the washing machine are handy, but they do not have the stylish look of linen. If you continue to wear a hat with perspiration on it, sweat stains will form on the forehead area, making it highly unbecoming. If the hat is pre-treated in water before sewing, it can be hand-washed at home and will slow down deterioration and, above all, make it comfortable to wear. Yet it is surprisingly rare to find fashionable hats that can be washed.

Compared to the capeline hat, the cloche hat has a shorter brim and is lighter in weight, making it easy to coordinate with a parasol.
The modern motif by a Kyoto designer makes it quite stylish.


The fabric has a natural wrinkled appearance. You can wash it at home (hand wash only; not machine washable). There is a very rare chance that the wire may snap if you frequently and deliberately bend it back and forth in the same place.
Discoloration and perspiration stains may occur due to aging and sun exposure.

About Matjeplus

I could not find a hat that was comfortable, washable, and fashionable, even though I searched for one during my own child-rearing years and while my family and friends were recovering from illnesses. This is the event that inspired me to make hats. Hats, like clothes, are like coats, some of which cannot be washed at home, but are still nice, and some of which can be rattled around in the washing machine, but are not quite as stylish as they should be. What I want to offer is a hat that is fashionable and stylish, that will make you feel a little better about your daily outings, that can be conveniently folded up when you go out, and that you can wash at home and always feel good about wearing.


Kawasaki City Store

KAWASAKI CITY STORE will send the curated collection of products from City of Kawasaki in Japan for everyone around the world We promise to support customers kindly, courteously and promptly based on O-mo-te-n-shi mind!

KAWASAKI CITY is located just west of Tokyo in Japan. As a part of Tokyo metropolitan area, the city has contributed Japanese industrialization and modernization.

Furthermore, KAWASAKI CIY is one of The 53 Stations of the Tokaido (Hiroshige Utagawa, 1832-1833) and is along the Tokaido road, the highway connecting Edo to Kyoto. Accordingly, we respect not only Japanese modern cultures but also Japanese traditional cultures. Through this store, overseas customers can purchase a variety of products made by Japanese specialists from glass artisans to sheet metal workers.

KAWASAKI CITY STORE is a one-year limited store from December 2022 and is operated by a joint venture between j-Grab Inc. and JTB Corporation, commissioned by City of Kawasaki. We also plan a pop-up shop for show rooming in Cambodia, Singapore and USA. Customers can check our products in the real world at the shop and place an order through this online store.

Customers can check our products in the real world at the shop and place an order through this online store.

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