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Our product begins with growing mulberry fields, which serve as food for silkworms. We raise silkworms using our own cultivated mulberry leaves and harvest their cocoons. At our in-house factory, we have successfully created a 100% silk amino acid facial toner through a unique production method of pure hot water extraction that uses no preservatives or chemical substances. This product is safe for all genders and ages, from infants to the elderly, as it is chemical-free and will cause no harm even if it comes in contact with the eyes or mouth. It is also recommended for those with various skin concerns. Furthermore, since we use 100% pure silk extract, it allows for various concentration levels of facial toners. While typical facial toners are approximately 70% water, our product is a 100% silk oligomer® facial toner that uses hot water extraction, which makes it both safe and environmentally friendly, setting it apart in the market.


Materials: We produce and manufacture all of our own raw materials in house. We raise our own silkworms, harvest cocoons, and process them in our own factory without using a single drop of chemicals or preservatives, resulting in a safe and reliable lotion with ultra-low molecular weight that does not putrefy. The unmixed silk extract is called Silk Oligomer® and is recognized by the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).

Content: Using Mayuzukushi Lotion (Silky Dream Story) as a base, Silky V Lotion was created with half the ingredients of Mayuzukushi Lotion at a lower price point. In addition, other lotions with a higher concentration of silk-extracted materials (1.5 times or 5 times the amount) are also available, but at a higher price point.

Specifications: Can be used by men and women of all ages, including those with skin problems. The product does not need to be washed out even if it gets into the eyes or mouth. Because the product is made using hydrothermal water, it will not spoil if left in a car in the middle of summer. Product awards: Omotenashi Selection in 2023, Gunma Prefecture Recommended Business Recognition (2005)

Our Story

In my younger years, I worked as a caddy on a golf course. The sun left my face tanned and freckled with large spots. I tried countless whitening cosmetics, but none seemed to restore my skin's luminance. Even after joining a cosmetics company and undergoing professional treatments, I saw no change. I then recalled how farmers tending to silkworms had pristine hands and how they'd wrap me in boiled cocoon cotton when I was sick or injured. Delving into literature about cocoons and silk, I had an epiphany and began my research. After rigorous experimentation, I succeeded in formulating a lotion devoid of chemicals and with lasting stability. To my delight, not only did my skin improve, but others took notice too. Motivated by my personal journey and wanting to assist others with similar issues, I ventured into the cosmetics business. Given silk's unique compatibility with human skin, I'm eager to share its benefits with those facing skin challenges.


There are no special precautions. For example, even if your child drinks this lotion, it will not cause any harm. This lotion does not contain any chemicals, so it is drinkable. However, since it is labeled as a lotion, we cannot say that it is “okay to drink,” so we manufacture and sell a drinkable product called Kenko using the ingredients used to make this lotion. It is 100% pure amino acids and is safe, so there is no need to pay any special care as a cosmetic product. After washing your face, dispense some lotion on your palm and apply it onto your skin, as if pushing it into your skin so that it gets absorbed. It does not create a moist and bouncy feel like other lotions. This is proof that your skin is rapidly absorbing the low-molecular active ingredients.

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