SAKKA ZAKKA MINAMIKAWARA Souleiado Colorful Slipper Traditional Japanese Saitama Japan

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Size: M 22.5〜25.5cm
design: 101 La Fleur d' Arles+Jaipur
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Once boasting the highest slipper production in Japan, Minamikawara in Saitama Prefecture is dedicated to preserving its traditional craftsmanship for future generations.

In pursuit of a "New Form," we have embarked on product development. 

Using slipper manufacturing techniques, our artisans meticulously craft each product by hand. We aim to deliver products that provide comfort and warmth to those who wear them, ensuring a cozy and pleasant experience.

<Product Emphasis>

In collaboration with a current fashion designer, Norio Arai, we aimed to revolutionize the image of traditional slippers and develop a fresh new design. While maintaining the durability and comfort that are hallmarks of Minamikawara slippers, we incorporated colorful fabrics with traditional patterns from around the world to enhance the overall design.

By intentionally using different colors and patterns on different sides and sections of the slippers, we've created a product that is both colorful and allows you to enjoy a "unique combination" tailored to your preferences.

<About the Fabric>


Soléiado is a renowned brand representing the traditional prints of Southern France, specifically Provence. 

"SOULEIADO" comes from the ancient Provencal language and means "a ray of light shining through the clouds after the rain."

The origin of Provence prints can be traced back to the late 16th century when Indian calico was imported to Marseille, France's largest port marked the beginning of Provence printing. It evolved into a unique style of Provence prints, merging the Eastern color palette and patterns with the beautiful hues derived from Provence's dyes, gaining popularity in interior and fashion domains.

Subsequently, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, inexpensive fabrics mass-produced by machines flooded the market, leading to the closure of traditional printing workshops. However, Charles Demery, the founder of SOULEIADO, dedicated himself to preserving cultural heritage by acquiring printing workshops and collecting wooden blocks for dyeing. He revived the traditional Provence prints in the modern era. Today, SOULEIADO continues to inherit over 350 years of calico history in France and has grown into a unique brand that advocates the Provence lifestyle.

The vibrant fabrics faithfully depicting the land of Provence continue to captivate people.

* Minamikawara slippers are licensed by SOULEIADO for manufacturing and distribution.


Instep and insole: 100% cotton 
Underlay: EVA, water-resistant resin-coated pulp
Sole: PVC

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