Morinaga Salty Caramel Soft Candy Large Pack 557g Japan

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Morinaga's "Salted Caramel" has a salty, rich buttery flavor that soothes.

When you feel tired from housework or work, Morinaga's "Salted Caramel" with its rich and smooth taste is a snack that will fill your heart and stomach and soothe your mood.
The flavor is accented by rock salt from Lorraine, France, and the rich, rich taste of thick butter.

Great for walking or just to replenish your salt intake during the summer. Please bring it with you when you go out.

・As a regular snack
・When I'm feeling a little hungry
・For heat stroke prevention
・As a gift

It is a beloved product at home and at work.
The individual packages are also popular because they are easy to carry around and share.

Product Details of Morinaga Salted Caramel Soft Candy Large Pack 557g

Ingredients Starch syrup (manufactured in Japan), prepared condensed milk (raw milk, sugar, natural cheese, cream, skimmed milk powder, vegetable oil and fat, lactose), sugar, vegetable oil and fat, natural cheese, skimmed milk powder, reduced sugar syrup, wheat protein hydrolysate, butter, salt, malt extract, dextrin / sorbitol, magnesium sulfate, flavor, emulsifier (from soybean), calcium carbonate
Contents 557g (approx. 120 grains)
Storage Method Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity.
Manufacturer Morinaga Seika Co.
Allergens contained in ingredients Wheat, milk, soybeans

※Manufactured in the same facilities as products containing peanuts.
※Please consume as soon as possible after opening.
※Because of the strong adhesive property of the product, the dental treatment agent may come off.
※This product is packaged in a thermally bonded, hermetically sealed bag

≪Nutrition Facts Label≫ Per 1 grain (standard 4.6g)
Energy 19kcal
Protein 0.20g
Fat 0.48g
Carbohydrates 3.5g
Salt equivalent 0.04g
Calcium 4.8mg
Magnesium 2.3mg
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