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This is a soup made from boiling 100% Nagoya Cochin meat and bones. This soup can be used as a base seasoning for any product. We especially recommend it be used for preparing hot pots. Simply cook together with your favorite ingredients for a luxurious hot pot. Recommended ingredients are chicken thighs and meatballs made from minced meat. We invite you to try this product and enjoy a soup that is a step above chicken stock. It can also be used as a secret ingredient in curry, as well as in all kinds of Western, Chinese, and Japanese dishes.

Kinsou Nagoya Cochin is a special breed of chicken with an excellent name recognition of up to 83% in Japan. Its characteristics are its umami and rich flavor. Its meat is characterized by its firmness and elasticity. This product is chirimen made using Kinsou Nagoya Cochin meat. It is an easy-to-eat chicken product that can be used in boiled or grilled dishes. Our commitment to the quality of our meat shows in our use of wood vinegar in our chicken feed, which reduces the unpleasant smell of the meat and produces fat with a great aftertaste. Our meat is also traceable, allowing us to offer it to our customers with confidence. We also supply raw meat wholesale to renowned high-end restaurants and hotels, and we also supply our highly-rated chicken meat to Michelin-starred restaurants. This product is manufactured by boiling the meat and bones of these birds, resulting in a rich, luxurious taste.

Our Story
Maruto Poultry Co., Ltd. is a member of the Maruto Group, which is centered on Toyohashi Feed Mills Co., Ltd. We deliver food products that can be enjoyed with peace of mind by establishing affiliated companies to ensure total management, from research and development, livestock breeding, livestock product manufacturing, food processing, to distribution, with a focus on feed production. Maruto Group will continue to strive to provide distinctive services and added value centered on a comprehensive food product business, and work hard while holding firm to our motto of 'fresh, safe, and delicious' to maintain our customers' trust and meet their expectations.

Add a packet of "Nagoya Cochin Soup" and 200ml of water to a pot. Add chicken when the water begins to boil. When the water begins to boil a second time, remove the scum and add vegetables and other ingredients of your choice. Serve when the ingredients are thoroughly cooked.

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