Nambu Tetsubin Iron Kettle Traditional Craft 600ml Black Tohoku Japan

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"Nambu Tekki" (ironware)is a traditional craft that has been made in Morioka and Oshu cities in Iwate Prefecture since around the 17th century.
Nambu Tekki includes a variety of products such as tea kettles, teapots, and pots, of which the "Nambu tetsubin" is the most famous.
Because the iron inside the "Nambu tetsubin" is exposed, the iron dissolves when the water is boiled, so boiling water and drinking from the kettle is a good way to replenish iron.

Material: cast iron
Capacity: 600ML
Weight: about 1.3kg
Tetsubin heat source: low gas flame, open flame (under medium flame), electric stove, charcoal flame, IH cooker.

The tetsubin can also be used on an electric stove, charcoal stove, or induction cooktop. While kettles are mainly made of copper, tetsubin are made of cast iron and can be left over an open flame as long as they are kept away from open flames. Thick ironware retains heat well and transfers heat evenly.

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