Natural Life Lemon Flavor Sweets Soft Baked Cake 8 Packs Hiroshima Japan

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A refreshing lemon cake made with Setouchi lemons that can be enjoyed in any season.

The lemon cake is a moist, soft, and particular lemon cake that the founder pursued.
The filling is squeezed by hand with a squeeze bag to maintain the moist and soft texture of the baked product without destroying the texture of the dough.

The lemon aroma that wafts out when you open the bag is also irresistible.
You won't be able to resist! Refreshing lemon cake with moist and fluffy batter.
Enjoy the harmony of the freshness and gentle sweetness of Setouchi lemons.

It is ideal as a snack at home or as a souvenir.

Setouchi Lemon Cake Product Details

■Trade (brand) name
lemon cake

baked sweets

8 pcs (individual package)

Chicken eggs (domestic), wheat flour, sugar, shortening, powdered syrup, lemon juice/emulsifier, flavor, expander, (some contain wheat and eggs)

■Storage Method
Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures and humidity.

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