Nescafe Instant Coffee Black Stick Selection 40 Pack Japan

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Nescafe Black Selection is an assortment set of five types of black coffee.

Nescafe's regular soluble coffee in stick form comes in an assortment set of five different flavors.

You can compare five different flavors to find your favorite drink.The individually packaged stick type makes it easy to carry and allows you to enjoy fresh coffee at any time.

Enjoy it at your favorite time and place: in the morning, during a break from housework or work, or outdoors, such as camping.

~What is soluble coffee?~
It is made by finely grinding roasted coffee beans, mixing them with coffee liquid, and drying them.Instant coffee is made by drying coffee extract and is considered to be similar to regular coffee in comparison.

Delicious Drinking

ot coffee
Place one stick in a mug, pour 140 ml of hot water, stir gently, and enjoy.

Iced coffee
Place one stick in a mug, pour 70 ml of hot water, stir gently, add plenty of ice and stir before serving.

Nescafe Black Stick Selection Contents

The Nescafe Black Stick Selection contains the following 8 sticks of each.

Nescafe Gold Blend Delicate and fine aroma, mild and clean aftertaste.
Nescafe Gold Blend Deep Richness You can enjoy the rich, fine aroma and the mild, deep, and robust flavor of the beans themselves.
Nescafe Gold Blend Aroma Flowery The original aroma and taste of the coffee bean is pursued, and it is characterized by its gorgeous aroma and fruity taste.
Aromatic roasting Yutaka You can enjoy its rich, mellow aroma, deep richness, and refreshing aftertaste.
Aroma roasting Yawaraka It has a soft aroma, mild acidity, and a clear finish.

Nescafe Black Selection Product Description

Manufacturer Name Nestlé Japan
Brand Nescafe
Contents 2g x 40 pcs.
Ingredients Coffee beans (imported)

  • Store in direct sunlight, low temperature and dry place.
  • After opening the sachet, please consume immediately.

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