NISSIN Donbei Curry Instant Udon Noodles 74g x 12 Packs Japan

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Donbei  has a light and refreshing taste with "W-dashi" (double soup stock).  Donbei, with its deliciously light dashi broth, now offers a new standard curry udon dish. It features a light and refreshing taste made from two types of dashi (bonito flakes and kelp) combined with the umami of pork.

Fried noodles (wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), vegetable oil and fat, salt), soup (salt, curry powder, sugar, fishmeal (bonito, mackerel), wheat flour) fishmeal (bonito, mackerel), wheat flour, yeast extract, bonito seasoning, green onion, flavor seasoning, pork seasoning, kelp powder, spices Kelp powder, spices), dried vegetables (seasoned deep-fried tofu, carrots)/processed starch, thickening agent (processed starch, polysaccharide thickener), seasoning (seasoning) ), seasoning (amino acid, etc.), phosphate (sodium phosphate), Ca carbonate, caramel color, flavor, antioxidant (vitamin E), acidifier, spice ), acidulant, spice extract, carotenoid pigment, chia extract, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, (some Wheat, milk ingredients, beef, mackerel, soybeans, chicken, pork, gelatin)

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