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This is a natural wood bowl with a beautiful oboro-moon drawn in real gold leaf on the grain of the wood.

Both Japanese and Western dining tables can be decorated gorgeously.

This design is not just about the enjoyment of the present with natural and traditional beauty, but also considered about using the product in a modern living environment, and has achieved a warm, yet beautiful design. The grain of the wood is used to its fullest, and the "gold leaf" of the oborozuki moon is added to create beautiful tableware with the grain of the wood becoming the scenery. This vessel is the result of a combination of various craftsmanship. A skilled woodworker has thinly cut the wood and applied a coating that brings out the beauty of the wood, then other craftsmen applied gold leaf to the moon to create a landscape floating in the sky.

The "Oborozuki" vessels are made of natural materials. The wood is cut from chunks of wood grown in cold regions with tight grain, calculated to produce a vivid grain. After the wood is shaved, the drying process is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The wood has been thinly shaved by a skilled woodworker and lacquered to bring out the original beauty of the wood. The lacquering process, reminiscent of a quiet and peaceful night sky, is repeated by repeatedly rubbing in and wiping off the lacquer, gradually bringing out a deep black color with a unique lacquer luster. For the moon, craftsmen applied gold leaf alone to create an emotional moon with a faint shadow.

The sharp silhouette of the oborozuki will add a modern touch to your usual dining table. For example, you can easily make temari sushi at home. Just by arranging them on the Oborozuki bowl, you can make your dining table look more gorgeous as if it were a special occasion. The moon, shining gently, can be seen between the temari sushi. The moon appears little by little as each piece of Temari Sushi is brought from the Oborozuki, quickly transforming it into a elegant dining table.

【Oborozuki Bowl specification】

Materials Lacquerware
Size S: Diameter 18cm x 5.6cm
M: Diameter 24cm x 5.6cm
L: Diameter 30cm x 5.6cm



Made in Japan

【A precaution for use】
・It can be washed with a soft sponge and mild detergent.
・Do not use a dishwasher, microwave oven, or dryer.


S: Diameter 18cm x 5.6cm
M: Diameter 24cm x 5.6cm
L: Diameter 30cm x 5.6cm



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