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This product is a pure paste made from 100% organic black garlic grown on our own farm, with no added fruit juice or water. Our black garlic contains no detectable nitrate ions, which are compounds associated with bitterness. The typical nitrate ion level of black garlic in Japan is 20.4 mg/kg. Using analytical equipment incapable of measuring below 5 mg/kg, our black garlic resulted in an undetectable nitrate ion value. Our black garlic is set apart by its natural, refreshing taste, with such little bitterness that it cannot even be detected by analytical equipment. Furthermore, while the national average sugar content for black garlic in Japan is 53.9 (Brix), our black garlic has a remarkably high sugar content of 75.7, making it exceptionally sweet. It has received high praise from chefs in Italy, France, and Japan. Feedback from our customers includes comments such as, “I couldn’t eat other brands because they were bitter, but I can easily eat this. I’m glad I don’t have to endure a bitter taste just to get the health benefits,” “It warms up my body,” “It’s very convenient because it’s in paste form for spreading on bread or mixing with yogurt,” “Very sweet and delicious! It tastes more like prunes than garlic,” and “It’s rare to find domestically-produced organic products.”


The organic garlic used to make this product is a special variety of garlic, unlike ordinary garlic varieties. The leaves of this variety are thick, sweet, and very tasty, and its bulbs are also very tasty. However, each garlic bulb is so small that it is difficult to peel and eat, an issue that we have solved by making it into a paste. Using a state-of-the-art, ultra-fine mesh back-straining machine, the core and peel are thoroughly removed. The result is a paste with an elegant and smooth texture. This means that it can be used easily and conveniently at any time, without the hassle of removing the rind and core. It goes very well with yogurt, steak sauce, cheese crackers and protein shakes.

Our Story

We've heard feedback from numerous customers about some issues with granulated black garlic: 1. its gritty, fibrous texture that doesn't dissolve easily in the mouth; and 2. the cumbersome task of peeling the skin each time. Black garlic is inherently dense and solid. When transformed into a paste, most manufacturers typically add fruit juice or water for both practical and economic reasons. However, prioritizing nutritional integrity and quality, we've vowed to produce a 100% pure black garlic paste. Leveraging cutting-edge strainers, we've crafted a paste devoid of any added juice or water. This results in a product that melds the inherent depth of black garlic without its natural bitterness, producing a harmonious blend of rich taste and unexpected sweetness.


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