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Just add vegetables and let it sit in the refrigerator over night! This is an organic nukazuke (rice bran pickling) kit that allows you to easily make nukazuke from the day it arrives. It comes with a dedicated container and instructions, so it is easy to get started. We use organic rice bran and season it with salt and kombu in advance, then season and discard the brine of organic vegetables, so you can enjoy delicious and nutritious nukazuke right away. Nukazuke is a traditional Japanese pickled dish that has been enjoyed in Japan for a long time. It has been gaining renewed attention as a food rich in plant-based lactic acid bacteria, making it perfect for promoting a healthy gut. You can pickle various ingredients, such as seasonal vegetables, meat, cheese, boiled eggs, and more, to incorporate them into your diet in a delicious and healthy way. As a fermented food, it pairs well not only with Japanese dishes like rice and miso soup but also as a snack to go with Japanese sake or wine. (This product does not contain alcohol or pork.)


Ingredients:Organic rice bran, salt, kelp, organic chili peppers
Content: 1 kg
Our commitment to quality: Not only do we use organic rice bran, but we also use organic vegetable for pickling (the process of increasing lactic acid bacteria by repeatedly pickling of vegetables). The "Watashi no Nukadoko" series has been a staple of Kanazawa Daichi for more than 10 years, and was certified organic by JAS in August 2023 and re-launched as "Organic Watashi no Nukadoko," making it one of the rarest and most unique products of its kind in Japan. You can easily make safe and delicious pickled vegetables in the comfort of your home!

Our Story

The journey of "Watashi no Nukadoko (My Nukadoko)" began in 2012. Nukadoko are Japanese fermented rice bran pickles. The inspiration sparked when one of our team members, upon visiting a pickle store, pondered the possibility of enhancing pickles using local ingredients. Initially, our operations were hands-on, stirring the bran in barrels manually, and producing a mere 1,500 units annually. With time, some processes were mechanized after much experimentation, allowing us to raise production to 20,000 units per year. Still, the majority of our productions are still done by hand, ensuring quality over quantity. Our ingredients – rice bran, salt, kelp, chili peppers, and leftover pickled vegetables – are chosen with care, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Moreover, the fermentation of nukadoko is meticulously overseen until maturity, resulting in consistently delectable pickles.


Store the rice bran pickling bed in the refrigerator and stir the entire thing by turning it upside down once every 2 to 3 days. If the water content increases with use, discard the water or add salt to adjust the salt content.

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