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No sugar added! A traditional sweetener naturally derived from rice and barley. Rice syrup is a traditional Japanese sweetener made from rice and barley malt. Kanazawa Daichi’s homemade “Organic Rice Syrup” is made only from organic rice and barley from our own farm, without added sugar or preservatives. It is softer and easier to use than typical rice syrup, making it stand out from other products. It can be used as a sweetener for cooking and baking. It is recommended for making teriyaki sauce, marinades, and sugar-free sweets. It is also great for simply spreading on toast or pouring over yogurt. (This product does not contain alcohol or pork.)


Ingredients:Made exclusively from organic rice and organic barley grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our own farm in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.
Content: 280 g
Our commitment to quality: " rice syrup" is a traditional grain-derived sweetener made by saccharifying the starch of rice with barley malt enzymes. It was traditionally produced before the spread of sugar in Japan, and has long been a favorite sweetener of the general public. Because it is naturally derived, unlike sugar, it has a gentle, full-bodied sweetness. In addition, "organic rice syrup" is made from only organic rice and organic barley grown on the company's own farm in Ishikawa Prefecture, so it is truly 100% organic. We hope that many people, from small children to those who are trying to cut back on sugar, will try "organic rice syrup" as a substitute for sugar.

Our Story

Our "Organic Rice Candy" stands as a testament to the ethos of Kanazawa Daichi's organic agriculture. Barley, sown in autumn, is harvested by June, while rice planted in spring is reaped in winter. Crafted solely from these two organic ingredients, this candy is a gentle sweetener, resonating with Japan's cherished culinary heritage. In an era when sugar was a luxury in Japan, rice candy emerged as the "everyday person's sweetener." The Kanazawa region of Ishikawa Prefecture, known for its superior barley and rice, boasts a rich tradition in rice candy production. To this day, in Ishikawa, rice candy is a staple in tsukudani (foods simmered in soy sauce and sugar), traditional sweets, kaiseki cuisine, and other dishes, with this culinary art passed down through generations. Beyond its sweetness, rice candy is nutrient-dense, packed with vitamins and minerals. Historically, it was even sought after as a remedy for colds.


Store in the refrigerator after opening. Unlike starch syrup, it does not harden in the refrigerator, so you can use it conveniently for anything.

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Tube Containers:14cm×7.7cm×3.5cm

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