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A business card holder with eye-catching deep colors and hidden gimmicks.

Greatly useful in business scenes!
The simple, no-frills design allows you to put it in your bag or suit pocket and take it out smoothly.

The eye-catching color and gimmick may be the first ice breaker.
This business card case is beautiful in both its functions and appearance.

<Feature 1>
Unique gimmick of opening by pressing the sides

When you hold both sides of the case and press lightly, the lid slowly opens by the action of a tiny damper.
It has the convenience of being opened with one hand and a special gimmick that leaves a lasting impression.
It will be a smart and fun addition to your business scene.

<Feature 2>
A lifting flap on the bottom, a smart design

The bottom flap lifts when the lid is opened, allowing you to take out your business cards smartly.
* You can store up to 20 business cards.

<Feature 3>
Temporarily store the received business cards

There is a claw on the back of the lid, that allows you to temporarily store the received business cards.

<Feature 4>
Beautiful colors that will not peel off due to the special manufacturing process

This beautiful and deep color is produced with patented technology.
Yoshida Technoworks is the first company in the world to develop ""Double In-mold Molding"".
It is hard to believe that it is a resin, as it has a luxurious and vivid color like a metal. The special coating keeps its beauty without peeling off.

<Feature 5>
Rich color variations!

There are 13 colors to choose from, regardless of gender or age.
Please find your favorite one!

~Beautiful sparkle by fine glass flakes~
Glass flakes are kneaded into the resin to create a mature color with an elegant sparkle like a starry sky.
Silver, Platinum, Copper

~Luxurious gradations using two different color films~
Brown x Blue, Brown x Red, Brown x Yellow, Green x Blue, Green x Yellow, Pink x Blue, Red x Yellow

~Deep colors that pull you in~
Deep Blue, Deep Green, Deep Silver

Elegant packaging that can be given as a gift.
The colors seen through the window are beautiful and perfect for storage.

What is double in-mold molding?

It is a revolutionary molding technology that can decorate both the front and back sides of a product at once by pouring resin between two films.
The development of this technology has greatly expanded the range of designs for cell phones and smartphones.
You may be surprised to find Yoshida Technoworks' technology being used in your everyday life.

【Ornament Card Case Business Card Holder specification】

Material PMMA resin, ABS resin
Dimension W102 x D67 x H13mm
Weight Approx. 46g

Made in Japan

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