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These rice crackers are thin, light, and easy to eat. They contain the rich umami and sweetness of Uramura oysters.


Oyster crackers: Starch (manufactured in Japan), vegetable oil, oysters (produced in Uramura, Mie Prefecture), shrimps, sugar, salt, seafood extract powder/processed starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.)

Oyster crackers (Yamato Tachibana Flavor): Starch (manufactured in Japan), vegetable oil, oysters (produced in Uramura, Toba City, Mie Prefecture), shrimps, salt, seafood extract powder, (produced in Toba, Mie Prefecture) / seasoning (amino acid, etc.), flavor, expander, sweetener (stevia), (contains shrimps)

Oyster crackers (Mayonnaise flavor): Starch (manufactured in Japan), vegetable oil, oysters (from Uramura, Toba City, Mie Prefecture), shrimps, sugar, salt, mayonnaise powder/seasoning (amino acid, etc.), leavening agent, sweetener (stevia) (ingredients include shrimps, eggs, milk)

Our Story

During the Corona epidemic, as travel dwindled and remote work became the norm, demand from izakaya (Japanese style pubs) and teishoku (set meal) restaurants plunged. This led us to ponder on culinary delights that could be savored from the comfort of one's home. Our contemplation birthed the concept of the senbei rice crackers, which we christened 'oyster crackers'. These crackers are available in three tantalizing flavors, each being an apt accompaniment to tea or as a snack to satiate light hunger pangs. Particularly, the plain and mayonnaise variants pair harmoniously with beer or sake. Relish these crackers within the cozy confines of your home during the Corona epidemic, or share the joy with your family.


Best before date: eight months from manufacture

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26.5cm×14.5cm×6cm,100g / piece

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