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Oysters, known as the “milk of the sea,” are highly nutritious and contain a good balance of high-quality protein. This delicious, slow-simmered curry is full of Uramura oysters.


Oysters (Mie Prefecture), vegetables and fruits (onion, ginger, carrot, garlic, coconut), wheat flour, apple puree, Worcestershire sauce, animal fat, beef paste, curry powder, tomato juice, sugar, beef extract, chutney, salt, margarine, soy sauce, spices / seasoning (amino acid, etc.), stabilizer (processed starch), coloring (caramel, carotene), acidifier, flavor, sweetener (licorice), spice extract, (contains wheat, beef, soybeans, apples)

Our Story

Back in my elementary school days, my hometown of Uramura felt akin to an isolated island, albeit on land. A ferry ride was required to access the city, an hour each way. While we cultivated a few vegetables, venturing to the town to procure meat was quite the ordeal. Memories of the delectable oyster curry, which my mother crafted using what were then considered subpar (currently termed B-grade) oysters from our family-owned oyster farm, lingered. Inspired, I embarked on the journey to introduce this cherished recipe to the masses, birthing the Toba and Uramura Oyster Curry!


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