Shuseidou Petit Fleur & Bars & Plates Set Accesary Toyama Japan - Takaoka city

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色: Silver color
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Everlasting, rustproof small flowers made of pure tin.

These are pure tin flowers that do not wilt or rust.
Why not place flowers in areas where you can't put water?
You can arrange them like a wreath, stick them like a hairpin,
or use them as a brooch by pinning them to your chest.
It is a really small vase that enhances the shine of a single small leaf or petal.
Its conical shape provides stability, and the brass has a moderate weight which makes it hard to topple over.

Our Story

Close to you, the Takaoka copper and ironware is passionately crafted. The third-generation owner of the copperware shop, noribaa, who loves artisans and crafting, will meet all your needs using his 40 years of knowledge and experience, offering suggestions and further development. The Takaoka copper and ironware, crafted with the expert skills of our artisans, only deepens in character and beauty as it is used and warmed by our customers' hands. With all our hearts, we hope to make as many of you as possible fans of our products.

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