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Plant extract fermented beverages (commonly known as “enzymes drinks”) are health beverages that originated in Japan. Extracts are taken from carefully selected plant materials such as vegetables, fruits, and seaweed, and then fermented and aged. It is a safe, traditional beverage that has been incorporated into diets for many years and focuses on natural fermentation. Recent studies have shown that it improves the gut microbiome, has antioxidant properties, regulates immune balance, and improves liver function, among other functions. Hokkaido Enzyme Drink is a unique enzyme drink made from over 40 ingredients produced exclusively in Hokkaido and made using traditional methods. The beverage is prepared in the fall harvest season and you can enjoy the differences of each vintage and the bottle aging.


- We are one of the few enzyme manufacturers that still follow the traditional method of extracting plant materials using the osmotic pressure of sugar (sugar osmotic extraction method) and natural fermentation without the use of a starter. - "Hokkaido Enzyme" is made from more than 40 different kinds of ingredients all produced in Hokkaido. - Packaged in 720 ml glass bottles - Features extended maturation, allowing the product to age in the bottle (no expiration date displayed due to a special exception under the Food Labeling Law).

Our Story

Our products are proudly made in Hokkaido, using only locally sourced ingredients. Our venture began in the fall of 2019 when we started to stockpile, culminating in our 2021 launch, featuring minimalistic, text-only labels. With Hokkaido's prolonged winters, our stockpiling chances are few, which has led us to label our products by vintage. This allows us to appreciate the subtle variations as our product matures. It's worth noting that the polyphenol content rises with age, boosting its antioxidant properties. Our unique enzyme blend includes extracts aged for over ten years. "Hokkaido Enzyme" represents a decade's worth of refinement. Over the next ten years, we plan to evolve our label to eventually showcase a typical Hokkaido landscape.


- For normal use, please consume 50-100ml per day. We also recommend diluting it with water or carbonated water.

- When drinking for the first time, please start with a small amount.

- As we use natural ingredients, deposits may be observed. In that case, please shake it lightly before consuming it.

- Please avoid direct sunlight and strong shaking, and store at room temperature, in the refrigerator, or in a cool, dark place.

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80mm×80mm×325mm (720ml)

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