Plum candlestick and incense burner set Brass Japan - Takaoka city

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Color Variant: Candlestand: Gold / Incense burner: Black
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This product is a candlestick and incense burner set designed with a plum motif. It includes Japanese candles with a plum design and plum-scented incense sticks. Contents: plum candlestick, plum incense burner, plum-patterned candles, incense stick (plum fragrance), plum-shaped felt, incense stand.

Our Story

Hashimoto Sei is a manufacturer of Buddhist altar fittings in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, that has been operating since 1945. Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture, where Hashimoto Sei is based, produces 90% of Japan's brass Buddhist altar fittings, and manufactures most of the Buddhist altar fittings in the country. Here, we manage an integrated production system, from prototyping to casting, painting, and engraving to ensure the delivery of our products to our customers. The products we trade in vary from small Buddhist statues as small as 1 cm (the radius of a one-yen coin) to large Buddhist statues over 10 meters in size. We also specialize in traditional coloring, engraving, mother-of-pearl inlaying, maki-e lacquering, and other processing techniques.

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