PORTRUNKS Beach Shopping Eco Bag Marine L Size Kawasaki City Japan

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“The bag that helps the seas” through ocean recycling

Just by using this bag you reduce ocean waste. Our brand collects, sorts and returns ocean waste as recycled products. Our products aim to make it possible for people to take part in the work of achieving SDGs in a way that is fun and easy, through a sense of delight at using the products that makes SDGs feel more personal. The biggest features of our products are material transparency and a fabric traceability guarantee that comes from our unique certification system.

  1. “Textile Certification Number” – This includes a “DNA” tracer that allows you to test for the presence of Seaqual® Marine Plastic Polymers. All approved fabrics are assigned a Seaqual® Textile Certification Number through which they are managed.
  2. “GRS – Global Recycle Standard” – GRS is a global certification program that establishes strict standards on finished and intermediate (inputs, materials) recycled products, established in 2008. The Seaqual® Yarn “upcycle marine plastic” eco-yarn used by PORTRUNKS has received this certification. Key product features: Generous size. Folds down to a compact form that can be stored in an inner pocket when not in use. The bag also fits inside the PARASOL drawstring bag from the same series of products, so it can be conveniently pulled out when going shopping.

About Us

As a fashion brand taking on the issue of ocean pollution, PORTRUNKS is born of efforts done together with the Spanish environmental group, the Sequal Initiative, to collect, sort and manufacture thread from oceanic waste. The company has developed a collection in which all products are based on recycled oceanic materials.
Upon learning that most plastic waste polluting the world’s oceans came from on land, and that such plastic waste was only being recycled at a rate of less than 10%, PORTRUNKS director Tatsuya Yokoi founded the brand as a type of activism that he could do himself. Using PORTRUNKS bags helps take one step towards solving the problem of ocean pollution.



Kawasaki City Store

KAWASAKI CITY STORE will send the curated collection of products from City of Kawasaki in Japan for everyone around the world We promise to support customers kindly, courteously and promptly based on O-mo-te-na-shi mind!

KAWASAKI CITY is located just west of Tokyo in Japan. As a part of Tokyo metropolitan area, the city has contributed Japanese industrialization and modernization.

Furthermore, KAWASAKI CIY is one of The 53 Stations of the Tokaido (Hiroshige Utagawa, 1832-1833) and is along the Tokaido road, the highway connecting Edo to Kyoto. Accordingly, we respect not only Japanese modern cultures but also Japanese traditional cultures. Through this store, overseas customers can purchase a variety of products made by Japanese specialists from glass artisans to sheet metal workers.

KAWASAKI CITY STORE is a one-year limited store from December 2022 and is operated by a joint venture between j-Grab Inc. and JTB Corporation, commissioned by City of Kawasaki. We also plan a pop-up shop for show rooming in Cambodia, Singapore and USA. Customers can check our products in the real world at the shop and place an order through this online store.

Customers can check our products in the real world at the shop and place an order through this online store.


Approx. H42/72cm x W46cm x 10cm


Color name: multi, color name: UUO = 100% polyester (100% recycled polyester); color name: Risca blue = 70% polyester (70% recycled polyester), 30% cotton; color name: Soleil; color name: Sunset; color name: Forest; color name: Seaglass = 67% polyester (67% recycled polyester), 37% rayon (37% Ecovero)

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