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That Japanese Baumkuchen! This soft, melt-in-your-mouth Baumkuchen is our store’s biggest seller. Many of the commonly-seen Baumkuchen on the market are dry and hard and cannot be properly enjoyed unless eaten with tea or something to wash it down. With this in mind, we have focused on creating a Baumkuchen that everyone can enjoy. Our goal is to make a Baumkuchen so delicious that you will never forget it once you’ve tasted it, and we pursue that ideal every day. This box contains one of each of our five standard flavors: plain, strawberry, chocolate, matcha, and cream cheese. (This item)


Our baumkuchen is unique in that it is made with Calpis butter and Calpis fresh cream, which are said to be fantastic, and we use expensive ingredients sparingly in pursuit of melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.
Here is a video of our baumkuchen.

Our Story

Our current formula was developed with our initial clientele in mind: specialty western confectionery stores. We also catered to numerous OEM customers who expected a superior quality of baumkuchen. During our early product development phase, we frequently adjusted our process, even pulling baumkuchen off our production line, to achieve a texture that was both softer and melted effortlessly in the mouth. It took us half a year to perfect our current formula.


Store at room temperature (store in a cool, dark place). If the room temperature exceeds 35℃, the surrounding glass (sugar coating) will melt, so please be careful about the storage temperature. Even if it melts, there is no problem with the quality. To enjoy it in its more delicious state, please eat it as soon as possible after arrival. Please note that due to the nature of the product, exchanges, returns, and refunds are not possible. Shelf life: three months

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