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Our product begins with growing mulberry fields, which serve as food for silkworms. We raise silkworms using our own cultivated mulberry leaves and harvest their cocoons. At our in-house factory, we have manufactured silk amino acid cosmetics through a unique production method of pure hot water extraction that uses no preservatives or chemical substances. This product is safe for all genders and ages, from infants to the elderly, as it is chemical-free and will cause no harm even if it comes in contact with the eyes or mouth. It is also recommended for those with various skin concerns. It is a highly concentrated beauty serum containing 90% silk oligomers and is recommended for those who want to achieve beautiful results quickly.


Materials: We cultivate our own silkworms, harvest cocoons, and perform hot water extraction without using a single drop of chemicals at our own factory, which allows us to commercialize products according to their concentration. The product can be used by men and women of all ages, even those with skin problems, and there is no need to wash it off even if it gets into the eyes or mouth. Product awards: 2023 Omotenashi Selection Award, Gunma Prefecture Recommended Business Recognition (2005).

Our Story

Driven by my personal skin challenges, I delved deep into the science of cocoons and succeeded in formulating reliable cosmetics, including a non-pharmaceutical, stable lotion. Witnessing the transformation of my own skin, I recognized the potency of these products. With a desire to help others facing skin dilemmas, I embarked on producing and selling these cosmetics. Notably, silk, abundant in amino acids and closely resembling human skin, is a safe and effective solution for all.


After applying lotion, use the dropper to dispense an appropriate amount onto the palm of your hand (about the size of your little fingernail) and apply it all over your face. Apply additional layers to areas of concern. Use to care for particular areas of concern such as spots, wrinkles, and fine lines around the eyes. There is nothing to be particularly careful about.

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