Add-WA!-TOKYO Rice And Miso Soup Set Izumo Shimane Japan

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Izumo, the land of myth, is also known as "Uonuma in the east and Izumo in the west" and is the oldest rice-producing region in Japan. Izumo has all the conditions for delicious rice: "soil" that has been preserved for generations, "water" rich in nutrients from the mountains, and "climate" with a large temperature difference between day and night. The rice is served with miso soup made with shijimi clams from Lake Shinji, which can be enjoyed simply by pouring hot water over the rice. The rice from the land of myth and the miso soup with shijimi clam, which is rich in minerals and amino acids, are the most basic and important elements for Japanese people. This is the most basic and important "food" feast for Japanese people.

Izumo Enmikushi Rice 450g x 2, Gift jar with retort shijimi clam seasoning miso from Lake Shinji 40g x 2, Retort shijimi clam seasoning miso from Lake Shinji (red miso soup) 42g x 2


Specially printed gift box
Box dimensions W29 x D22 x H11 cm

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