Rings made from Japanese Old Coins Kyoto Kaho Japan

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Size(International standard): 43
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This product takes about one month to produce. Thank you for your understanding.
This product is sold as a set of 6 colors.
Color: black, brown, red, purple, blue, and green.
Size: International standard 43 to 68.
*You can choose one size.

Japanese coins from 100 years ago have been revived into handmade rings.

● The material is a copper coin called “Paulownia 1 Sen Copper Coin ”, which was issued and circulated in Japan during the period of the Japanese Empire (1916-1938).

● The coin is baked plated using a ceramic-based plating solution, and then coated with a glass coating on top of the baked plating using a unique technique (patent pending in the fall of 2021). This technique has made it possible to produce colorful and beautiful tints without losing the design of the copper coins.

● Copper was originally considered unsuitable for use as an accessory because of its tendency to oxidize and tarnish, but this technique allows it to be used for a relatively long period of time.
Depending on the frequency of use, the glass coating or plating may peel off and discolor, but since it has antibacterial properties, there is no effect on the human body. (However, those with allergies or who experience itching should discontinue use.)


International standard 43 to 68.
*You can choose one size.



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