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Our product begins with growing mulberry fields, which serve as food for silkworms. We raise silkworms using our own cultivated mulberry leaves and harvest their cocoons. At our in-house factory, we have successfully created a silk shampoo that surpasses amino acid-based shampoos through a unique production method of pure hot water extraction that uses no preservatives or chemical substances. This product is safe for all genders and ages, from infants to the elderly, as it is chemical-free and will cause no harm even if it comes in contact with the eyes or mouth. It is also recommended for those with various skin concerns. Superior in terms of safety and security, this shampoo is environmentally friendly and lathers well for a foaming treatment effect. It can be used to prevent thinning hair, split ends, and breakage, as well as dandruff, itchiness, and eczema of the scalp. It is also safe for use by those who have sensitive skin.


Materials: We produce and manufacture all of our own raw materials in house. We raise our own silkworms, harvest cocoons, and process them in our own factory without using a single drop of chemicals or preservatives, resulting in a safe and reliable lotion with ultra-low molecular weight that does not putrefy. The unmixed silk extract is called Silk Oligomer® and is recognized by the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). Content: 400 ml

Specifications: This is a natural amino acid shampoo that goes beyond ordinary amino acid-based shampoos. It contains 70% highly active silk oligomer extract, which should not be rinsed off immediately, so it is recommended to lather the shampoo thoroughly and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, creating a foamy "hair treatment". It will give your hair firmness, luster, and suppleness. Product awards: Omotenashi Selection in 2023, Gunma Prefecture Recommended Business Recognition (2005)

Our Story

Inspired by my own skin struggles, I delved deep into the properties of silk cocoons, leading to the development of dependable products, including a lotion free from pharmaceuticals that does not decompose. Using these cosmetics personally, I noticed significant improvements in my skin, validating their efficacy. Eager to share these benefits, I launched a line of cosmetics, targeting those grappling with similar skin concerns. Silk, a material remarkably akin to human skin, is abundant in amino acids. These amino acids mend hair cuticles and delve deeper, nourishing the hair's core. With consistent use, hair regains its vitality and sheen. Usage Instructions: For those with dry hair or those using oily hair products, we recommend a double wash. Lather and apply the rich silk foam to your hair, focusing on ends if concerned about split ends or breakage. No need for rinsing, conditioner, or treatment after using the foam pack. Recommended amounts: ・ Short hair…2-3 pushes, ・Medium hair… 3-4 pushes, ・Long hair...4-5 pushes. Note: Strong cleansing agents have been omitted for health reasons.


If you have dry hair or use oil-based wax, please wash your hair twice. The first time, it does not foam much, but the second time, it foams better.

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