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Pattern: Plants
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These coloring book-style design stickers can be colored with cosmetic paints, watercolors, colored pencils, crayons, water-based pens, etc.

After you've enjoyed coloring, you can make your own stickers by cutting and pasting them into any shape you want!

These stickers have been created in the form of a coloring book so that people who don't usually draw pictures and children can enjoy the colors of cosmetic paints in a casual way.
The entire A4 size is made up of stickers with designs by professional painters and artists, which can be cut and pasted (for postcards, envelopes, albums, colored paper, calendars, etc.) after the fun of coloring in.
We want you to continue to enjoy your work even after you have finished coloring in, so we have created a cohesive design that can be enjoyed as a single work of art when framed in an A4 frame, and each pattern is designed to be easy to cut and reuse as a gift sticker.
You can paint with colored pencils, pens, and general paints as well as SminkArt's Tokimeku paints.

This product is two sheets of A4 size stickers.
You can choose one of the following patterns.

<Plant pattern>

(A4 size x2 sheets – set of 2, white background)
※ High-quality paper + strong adhesive
A design that expresses the four seasons in a single sheet, as if you were looking into someone's "memory" image, and a plant pattern design that makes you want to give flowers as a gift if you color a large bouquet with your thoughts. The effect of healing is No.1☆.

Dog & Cat pattern

(A4 size x2 sheets – set of 2, white background)
※ High-quality paper + strong adhesive
This design is a cute representation of the daily life of a slightly unusual cat and the scenery of dogs that somehow feel calming in a bottle.
There are also designs that allow you to add your own black eyes, so you can freely draw children who are looking away.

Space pattern

(A4 size x2 sheets – set of 2, black background)
※ Japanese paper + strong adhesive
This design expresses outer space with a black background, which allows you to fully enjoy the cosmetic paints. You will be able to enjoy the constellation pattern stylishly while thinking about the night sky, layering colors on the big rocket with excitement.

Japanese pattern

(A4 size x2 sheets – set of 2, white & black background)
※ Black background: Japanese paper + strong adhesive; White background: High-quality paper + strong adhesive
The world inside and outside of each small circle mysteriously blends to form a single story. You can feel the gorgeousness and wonder of Japanese patterns through the repetition of traditional patterns.

Pop pattern

(A4 size x2 sheets – set of 2, white background)
This pop pattern consists of words that are easy to use for gifts and letters, lots of casual numbers, etc. You can definitely expand your usage by cutting them!


Coloring stickers Cotton, pulp
Bag PP
Dimensions 21cm x 29.7cm x 1.0cm


Plants, Dog and Cat, Space, Pop, Japanese : 21cm x 29.7cm x 0.2cm


Coloring stickers: Cotton, pulp
Bag: PP

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