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Made with okara (bean curd) made from domestic glutinous rice and domestic soybeans! Small deep-fried arare are packaged in a pack to eat. The size is just right for a snack when going out, and is very popular with parents raising children.


Made from Japanese glutinous rice and Japanese soybeans, these bite-sized, sweet and spicy deep-fried arare crackers come in a series of 5 packs of 7g each, each with a cute design that children will love. Arare crackers stored in large bags can become stale if not eaten immediately after opening, making it difficult to portion them for kids’ snacks. This product comes in 7g portions, so you can enjoy small, flavorful bites whenever you like.
Ingredients: Glutinous rice (domestic), vegetable oil (rice oil, palm oil), soy sauce (contains traces of wheat), dried soy pulp (soybeans (domestic)), sugar (soft brown sugar, coarse sugar), mirin, concentrated soup stock (dried bonito flakes, kelp, shiitake mushroom), salt
Shelf life: 180 days
List of specified allergenic ingredients (mandatory labeling) Eggs: △ Milk: △ Wheat: ● This product contains allergens marked with ●. This product may be contaminated with allergens marked with △.

Our Story

We make products focusing on made in Japan based on the philosophy, “Shindofuji,” which means it is ideal for the body to consume food produced in the land one originates in. In recent years, Japan has faced issues, such as low food self-sufficiency rates and post-harvest concerns that remain regarding imported wheat. We address both issues by using Japanese ingredients. It is also our philosophy to avoid unnecessary additives as much as possible, and we use products without using any umami condiments, synthetic preservatives, or flavoring/coloring.
[Sanko’s 5 Key Pillars] Our slogan is “Deliciousness is the Kindness of Nature.” Since our foundation, we have provided many types of snacks and sweets. We consider there to be five essential pillars to actualize our “unique Sanko features.”
01: Main Ingredients are Produced in Japan: With the Shindofuji philosophy of “it is ideal to consume products made in the land you live in,” we prioritize food products from Japan and the sea around Japan. In particular, we only use Japanese wheat as it is the main ingredient for most of our products.
02: The General Principle of Not Using Genetically Modified Ingredients: We do not use ingredients coming from “genetically modified crops” as their long-term safety has not been confirmed and as their development process is “unnatural.” However, we may approve usage if all of the following conditions are met. i. There is no alternative. ii. The product cannot be made without that ingredient. iii. The ingredient is less than 1% of the total product weight.
03: No Usage of Synthetic Foood Product Additives: We do not use artificial additives, such as synthetic coloring, preservatives, or antioxidants. However, we may approve the usage after confirming the safety if there is a need to use it due to product quality controls and necessities in terms of product existence.
04: Self-inspection for Radioactive Materials: We follow our self-inspection standards to check for radioactive materials (iodine-131, caesium-134/137). Furthermore, our self-inspection standards are revised as necessary. We make these results public.
05: Deliciousness that Comes from the Ingredient: We would have mixed up our priorities if we pursued our ideals too much and missed the “fun” element of snacks and sweets. We want to value Safety, Security, and Deliciousness. We will aim to make products that many people enjoy and say are “delicious.”

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