Add-WA!-TOKYO The BLOSSO Stainless Jewelry Earring Set Stainless Steel Japan

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Color Variant: white
Type: earrings
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The source of THE BLOSSO's beauty. It is the highest quality sustainable stainless steel used for medical equipment and rockets, and the passion of the latest and most highly skilled craftsmen who pursue beauty as jewelry, creating a deep luster through their unique techniques and hand work. Thin and hard stainless steel is given a soft look that could be mistaken for Japanese paper or silk through delicate handwork. The unique curvaceous beauty of flowers is vividly reproduced. THE BLOSSO's flowers, carefully created one by one, will bloom forever on your chest. The fine wrinkles on the surface of the petals, like Japanese paper, combined with the freshwater pearl in the center, create an elegant and soft design. The white color is elegant and clean, while the black and white bicolor gives an urban and sophisticated impression. It looks great not only on clothes, but also on hats and bags. The set includes a brooch, earrings or pierced earrings, and a decorative stand (clock stand).


Box dimensions 30.3 x 21.5 x 18cm


stainless steel

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