Sushi Rolls Making Kit Sudare Bamboo 9 Piece Tool Set Japan

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Set of 9 tools for making sushi rolls for kids and beginners

This is a set of 9 tools for making sushi from SHARE BEAUTY.
The complete set needed to make sushi rolls is included, so even beginners can easily make beautiful sushi rolls at home.

We hope you will enjoy making sushi rolls, not only with thick rolls, but also with thin rolls and a variety of ingredients as you become accustomed to making them.
Everything you need to make and eat sushi.
It can be used at home, at parties, and in a variety of situations.

◆All tools are made of safe materials

All materials are safe to touch food and easy to clean.
Thick and durable.
Safe, non-toxic, no pungent odor.

The sushi rolls, chopsticks, spoons, small plates ⇒ Natural bamboo
The sushi Rolls tool ⇒ PP material

There are two ways to make sushi rolls.

◆For the first time, "Pink Sushi Tool" is recommended.
If you have never made sushi rolls before or if you want to make beautiful sushi rolls quickly, the pink sushi tool will help you make beautiful sushi rolls fast.
It is also recommended for children who are just starting to cook.

◆When you get used to making sushi rolls, try using two bamboo makisu.
Once you get the hang of the pink sushi tool, use the bamboo makisu to make sushi rolls.
There are two types of bamboo makisu. Also, you can make more sushi rolls by making together.

Sushi Roll Making Kit Sudare Bamboo 9-Piece Set Product Description

Quantity and size of various tools

"sushi mat" (bamboo mat used in food preparation, especially to roll makizushi) 2 24cm
chopsticks 2 24cm
wooden spoon 1 20cm
spoon 1 17.5cm
small dish 2 7.5cm
Pink Tools 1 29cm
Green Tools 1 17.5cm
chopstick rest 2 5.08cm
chopstick case 1 25.5cm
handling instructions 1 8.9cm

Packing box size
height 17.7 cm
width 33.5 cm
depth 9.3 cm
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