UCC Artisan Coffee Drip Coffee Mild Blend 100 Packs Japan

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Drip pack coffee that can be brewed quickly when you want to drink it.
The large capacity type is recommended for daily coffee drinkers.
You can enjoy the special taste of our skilled coffee artisans at home.
A blend with a harmonious taste recommended for black coffee drinkers.

Recommended points

  1.   Easy to brew, easy to use, new "Aroma" drip brewer.
      Freshly roasted and ground aroma is trapped inside the bag with the "Fresh
  2.   50% or more of naturally selected beans are used and sun-dried with the
      "berries" intact.
      The sweetness and flavor of the coffee pulp is concentrated in the coffee bean.

  3.   2-row roasting method Roasting for "body" and roasting for "aroma".
      Each roasted for a different purpose and then blended to maximize flavor.

What's Artisan Coffee about?

Craftsmen who love coffee more than anyone else and are always searching for new flavors,
beans, roasting and blending,
They put their skills and hearts into their coffee.

They spare neither time nor effort,
The delicious taste is the result of their skill and attention to detail.

It is not something special because it has its own taste,
It is a cup of coffee that is easy to enjoy at any time of the day.

This is what "artisan coffee" is.



 Product size (H x D x W)  212mm x 203mm x 310mm
 Contents  700g (7g x 100packs)
 Ingredients (Country of Origin)  Coffee beans (Brazil, Vietnam)
 Product type  Drip bag

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